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Get in touch so I can begin the process of delivering your new DCP. My rates are very indie-friendly because, like you, I'm a filmmaker who wanted to exhibit his movie theatrically in the best possible format without paying through the nose for it.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

The DCP is the new worldwide industry standard for the distribution and projection of motion pictures. Each frame of your movie is presented with unmatched color and clarity, without the unwanted loss of detail exhibited in other formats. DCPs are accepted by theaters all over the world and can be delivered on a small portable hard drive.

Send Me Your Movie

Send in your motion picture in one of the approved formats. See my Submission Guide for more detail.

  • TIFF Sequence
  • QuickTime
  • Stereo or 5.1 Mix

And I’ll Deliver Your DCP

My workflow has been tested from source to silver screen on the Dolby DSS200 Digital Cinema Server.

  • 2K or 4K Resolution
  • Scope or Flat Aspect Ratio
  • DCI Compliant Hard Drive
My name is Zak Forsman. I'm an artist-entrepreneur who started Artisan DCP to create Digital Cinema Packages for independent filmmakers who want to exhibit their short or feature-length movie theatrically, and have it look and sound its best. Recently, I was faced with either overpaying for this type of service or trusting someone who didn't share my meticulous nature. Strapped for cash, I chose the latter but was not happy with the result. So I dug in and developed a rock solid workflow from source to silver screen using open source and professional tools to do-it-myself. My movie has never looked or sounded so good in the theatrical setting. Now, I'm happy to share my expanding skillset at a very fair price. Artisan DCP is located in Los Angeles, CA.